Glastonbury, with its Tor is reputed to be the ancient town of Avalon. It is said to be the final resting place of the Holy Grail and the Holy Thorn.


The Holy Thorn sprouted from the staff of Joseph of Arimathea and flowers every Christmas. A sprig is cut by the oldest Infant living in Glastonbury and sent to the Queen to be put on the Christmas day lunch table.


Glastonbury Abbey ruins are situated in the heart of the town.
The Abbey was ransacked by Henry VIII during the reformation.
The Abbey is also said to be the burial place of the legendary King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.


Glastonbury is where the International known Glastonbury Festival takes it name from. The festival actually takes place at Worthy Farm, Pilton just 5 miles east of the town.

Glastonbury Abbey